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    Società agricola Ceraudo Roberto SRL
    C.da Dattilo, Strongoli (KR) 88815 Italy
    +39 0962 865 613
    +39 0962 865 613
    +39 0962 865 613
    opening time
    • lunedì: 09:00–18:30
    • martedì: 09:00–18:30
    • mercoledì: 09:00–18:30
    • giovedì: 09:00–18:30
    • venerdì: 09:00–18:30
    • sabato: 09:00–13:00
    • domenica: Chiuso


    A special day needs a perfect place. Here at Tenuta Ceraudo the happiness of our guest is our main mission, whether enjoying a glass of our good wine or the sophisticated dishes of the Dattilo restaurant.

    Our service is elegant and impeccable, performed by highly qualified staff who will take care of any detail.
    We offer a wide range of services, from simple and informal to important life events, to make your special day really unique.
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    This is the dream. A couple who choose to be together for an entire lifetime wants for their wedding a magical place where space and time don’t matter, a place that will protect those moments that will forever be part of their history. Photographs of memories, tied to the scents, colors and images of the uncorrupted nature at Tenuta Ceraudo. The safety of a starred restaurant, highly professional service and commitment to detail will convert your special day in a story to tell. In addition, we offer you our service for:
    • Floral arrangementsTo each his flower, as to each bride her dress;
    • Musical selectionIt will be the soundtrack of your love, a carpet of notes for your most beautiful day;
    • Photos and filmsFrom a videoclip to photo books, we recommend our experts;
    • Wedding favors and confettiAn object that represents you, a tribute to your love, to say thank you or to leave a memory of yourself...
    We will help you make the right choice to turn your special day into a unique event.
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    Tenuta Ceraudo is the perfect place to hold business meetings, training courses and meetings of any nature. The availability of different adjacent areas allows you to set the day’s schedule, enjoying a splendid setting that helps you experience your work sessions in a relaxed way, while still remaining in a quiet and discreet environment. Among our services are:
    • Coffee break
    • Cocktails
    • Buffet
    • Catering
    • Gala Dinners
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    Special occasions

    Every person's life is made of milestones. Some of them are unforgettable, and need to be celebrated in a place that lives up to the occasion. An anniversary, a sacrament celebration, a particularly heartfelt birthday or a family reunion can turn into a unique experience, all to be enjoyed.

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