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    Società agricola Ceraudo Roberto SRL
    C.da Dattilo, Strongoli (KR) 88815 Italy
    +39 0962 865 613
    +39 0962 865 613
    +39 0962 865 613
    opening time
    • lunedì: 09:00–18:30
    • martedì: 09:00–18:30
    • mercoledì: 09:00–18:30
    • giovedì: 09:00–18:30
    • venerdì: 09:00–18:30
    • sabato: 09:00–13:00
    • domenica: Chiuso

    Caterina Ceraudo

    Born in 1987, she has been at the helm of Dattilo’s kitchen since 2013. The restaurant is part of Tenuta Ceraudo, owned by the family since 1973.

    Caterina first showed her great passion for cooking in 2006, upon returning from her school break, when at Dattilo’s she began to take care of the wine list and serving in the dining room, always with an attentive and good-natured attitude. That’s how she first learned to understand the tastes of the customers and she began to interact with them, promoting the wines from her father’s winery. In 2011 she graduated in oenology from the University of Pisa. Thanks to her background in the wine world, she is able to study the perfect pairings with the wines of the family business, founded by a true pioneer of organic farming in Calabria, her dad Roberto.

    Caterina is a shy, tenacious girl with an iron will. in 2012, before putting on her chef’s jacket for good and getting her hands dirty in the family restaurant, she attended Niko Romito’s School for Advanced Training at Castel di Sangro, in Abruzzo.

    Caterina’s cooking is minimal, devoted to simple flavors, balanced and light…

    a constant commitment to quality and to the truest and most authentic flavors of Calabria.

    In 2017 In 2017 Caterina was appointed Best Female Chef by the Italian Michelin Guide, and she surely deserves a place in your journey.

    In 2019 an important accomplishment: Caterina is awarded a Green Star. This means that the restaurant, like the entire estate, is energetically self-sufficient. Besides, all the wine, oil and vegetables offered to our guests come from our own land.


    This is where we were born, this is where we chose to stay. With a feeling of gratitude towards this incredibly rich land that we try to channel in our dishes, which are inspired by the Dattilo estate with its timeless charm